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Red Dead Redemption

Welcome to the American old west, the year is 1911 and the times are changing, welcome to the world of Red Dead Redemption. You play as John Marston, a former outlaw. When his wife Abigail and son Jack are taken by the government in exchange for John’s services having no other choice he must go out to hunt down his former gang members dead or alive and burry his past behind him.

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Burnout Paradise

Take me down to the Paradise City... when you are playing Burnout Paradise you will hear this song over and over and over... even if you like Guns'n Roses usually it will clog up your ears in a little while and you wish the song was never recorded. But then it kind of fits what is to come. I will refer to the "Ultimate Box" PC version in this little review, though the game generally is the same on all platforms available. Burnout Paradise is the latest game in the Burnout series, originated from the Playstation 2 system.

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Kain and Lynch: Dead Men

I was picking up Burnout Paradise PC at Gamestop and had some cash left as this game jumped at me. I remembered mediocre reviews but what can you do wrong with € 6.99? So I took the two guys home to check them up. It is an old game but kind of an infamous underdog, so I thought I give you a little overview.

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Flower is a game where you control a petal through gusts of wind to awaken other flowers. It‘s pure relaxation, plus its visually stunning. The music fits nicely and as you whoosh through the flower fields different music tones come out of each petal you touch so it creates a very dynamic feeling plus together with the atmosphere it is breath taking, and the sound and visual cues combine very nicely to create something special.

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