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Category: Game Reviews
Published Date Written by Chris

Yeah I admit I am a sucker for music games. I love Audiosurf and occasionally (but not so often really) play a round of Stepmania (keyboard only ofcourse). So one tuesday night I take a look on Steam whats new, any good special offers that catch my eye etc as I see a game called Chime... and its only 3.99 €. The trailer looks nice but is the game worth the 4 bucks? I read on... the offer says that 5% of the purchase price go to a good cause (Save the Children/Starlight Children's Foundation) and heh, its only 3.99 so its worth a look for that price.

So what do we have? On the first look its a clone of the game Lumines, if you ever played Tetris or the game that actually inspired Tetris, Pentomino, you know the basic concept of putting differently shaped blocks together in a pattern to form lines or in our case, at least 3x3 piece sized blocks. While this alone is one of the most copied and used gameconcepts of the professional and homebrew software world Chime takes this concept and turns the grid where you lay the blocks down into a little sequencer. A line travels over the grid, when it hits blocks it actually plays little notes or soundeffects with the song in the background that runs in a loop. You score points by building blocks as described above with 3x3 or bigger sized shapes, you still can add shapes to add to it but once it has been completed the line will hit it and the block will decay. That way you color in the black cells of the grid, the more you fill the grid up the more the song changes and builds up. When you manage to color the black grid 100% you will get a bonus and it changes the stage. Confused? I was too, but this is harder to explain then to understand when you actually play it. In effect you just try to build as many and big blocks as you can to score bonuses in either three, six or nine minutes (depending on what you chose). There is also a non-score freeplay mode for people who like to experiment with the songs and how to manipulate them.

The songs included are made by professional artists like the composer Philip Glass, Moby or Phil Harnell of Orbital. The tracks are very relaxed and range from orchestral score (Glass) to trancy electronica. And this is maybe one of the not so great parts, the game only features six songs. Thats it. You can not simply feed it an MP3 like in Audiosurf due to the game mechanics and while I like those six songs I could imagine that they will become a bit boring with time. I would really like if they released a level construction app that lets hobby musicians release their own songs. Apart of this, is this game for you? I have no idea, if you like Tetris/Pentomino and have an openminded musictaste AND you have 3.99 €/4.99 $ left on your bank then I say go for it, if you want something like a story, many game modes and customization options you might not be very happy with this game. I for myself like the game and do not cry after my 4 euro, I would not have much time to do so because I still need to manage 100% coverage in timed mode...

The author goes back to playing and leaves you with the link to the official website.

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