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Worms Reloaded

Category: Game Reviews
Published Date Written by Chris

What can I say about this game? When it first had its great initial release in 1995 it was included in an Amiga magazine(!) as a demo disk(!!) Yes, those were the days where we actually bought demos. The difference between this demo and any other demo which you played for 10 minutes and then forgot: This disk actually did not leave my diskdrive for an hour or so. Yes there was only one level/battle included and the AI wasn't too sharp but the principle did capture. 15 years and several incarnations later the pink warriors are back with a vengeance: Team 17's newest release is called Worms Reloaded and is an enhanced version of the XBox 360 Worms 2 Armageddon.


Its out exclusively on the online distribution platform Steam and uses their online play system which is a good thing seeing that Worms is and always was one thing, a multiplayer game.  So what's it about? For people who really never heard of it here is a little synopsis. Worms is about, you guessed it, Worms. But they are not the peaceful sort of Worms, digging in dirt all day and getting squashed by careless pedestrians on a rainy day. No, this kind of worms is armed and dangerous! You typically play on a computer generated landscape in 2D.

At your hands are a myriad of weapons like Bazookas (the mainweapon in the game), grenades, airstrikes but also tools like pneumatic drills and blowtorches for digging bunkers and passages. There is a singleplayer mode with different challenges like going from A to B using your tools and weapons or simply eliminating the enemy, a bodycount mode which is about eliminating as many enemy worms as possible and the classic battlemode against the AI, which is (you guessed it) about eliminating your enemy team. But the really interesting part of the game is the multiplayer as this is what the game principle was developed for. There is hardly anything more satisfying then raiding your buddies team with an airstrike or hitting their last worm standing with a baseball bat into the water (quoted by a sarcastic baseball fanfare played on an oldschool stadium organ).  Another strong and fun point in the Worms games always were the customization options, its fairly easy with a bit of artistical skill to make an image as a customlevel that can be played by the creator and anyone having that custom level in the right folder. Also the landscape generator is easy to use and provides the player with an endless ammount of playgrounds to keep the little pink buggers busy.


So yeah the game is fun. Period. Are there bad things? Well there are some things that can take a bit of fun away from the game. It seems some people have still issues starting the game up, Team 17 stated that they will take care of the bugs in the next days (date of this review 28th of August 2010). A few bugs like slowdowns already have been tackled, I was not able to run the game on High settings before the first update a day ago, now it runs smooth as butter in 1920*1080 even on my low end onboard Geforce 8300 chip which usually has 800x600 as the maximum usable resolution for modern games. Some people also complain about changed game physics as for example the Ninjarope which now behaves much more realistic then in previous games, but I think this is mainly meant to make people try different strategies then the ones they are used to. So yes is it worth the money? Clear answer: It is. It costs below 20 Euros/US Dollars depending on your country, thats not much if you compare it to other fullprice titles which cost up to fifty and more bucks, Worms reloaded costs about as much as a trip to the cinema for two people without popcorn & cola and thats a damn good price for a fun game like this. You can however check if its for you as Team 17 released a demo which you can download at the Steampage for the game.

So what are you waiting for? Worms Reloaded gets a big fat thumbs up from our blog.

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