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PixelJunk Shooter

Category: Game Reviews
Published Date Written by Zero86Sk


In the distant future humanity is running low on resources. During the mining of a new rich recourse filled planet miners are caught in the deep caverns and it’s now up to you (alone or together with a friend) to find them and rescue them.

The gameplay is similar to Geometry Wars. Left stick moves the ship, right stick aims the direction of the shots, R1 shoots bullets but that where the similarity ends. Holding R1 shoots missiles and L1 shoots a hook that can grab workers but has also other clever uses, The heart of the game is exploring vast caves, interacting with elements such as water, fire, ice, poison gas and magnetic goo and trying to rescue as many workers as you can in the process.

You’re ship has a heat meter so you have to be careful with lava f. e. or you will explode. To cool off you need to dive into water or stay out of the heat for a few seconds. Throughout you will also find various suits like the water and lava suits or my personal favourite the inverted suit allowing you to dive into lava without problems turning your heat meter into a cold meter meaning water and ice becoming a problem. The elements and there use is integrated into the game so fluently that often you will know exactly what mixing two elements will do without even thinking about it and yet the game still is challenging enough that you need to be on your guard at all times. 

But the elements are not the only danger lurking inside the planet: There are bats, lava spitting creatures, spiders and more. The fun part is interacting with the various fluids, using them against enemies and mixing them up to solve puzzles and progress forward. Exploration is the key factor here and what would it be without secret areas to uncover and diamonds to collect, most of them cleverly hidden. The game also has clever boss battles that force you to think rather than blindly shoot at them.

But that’s not all the game has to offer. There is a screenshot and a video recording feature that lets you record your gameplay, you can export it to a USB stick, straight to YouTube or you can edit it via the PlayStation 3’s video editor. The game also has PSP Remote Play function meaning you can stream and play the game on your PSP. Although the controls are a bit awkward since the PSP doesn’t have a second analogue stick and there can be a slight delay due to network lag between the PS3 and PSP but that depends on your internet speed.

If you own a PlayStation 3 and have access to the PlayStation Store for 10 € / $ this game is more than worth the purchase.

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