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Super Meat Boy

Category: Game Reviews
Published Date Written by Chris

Meat is murder! ...tasty murder... 

This is the sort of humor that awaits both carnivore and vegetarian gamers in Team Meats new game "Super Meat Boy". Based on a flashgame of the same name they did before (that in some ways is similar but in some others totally different) they coded a trip to the past of videogames, when the evil antagonists in games were TRUELY evil and every gamer that saw the last boss truely could feel special.


If you own a PC or an XBox 360 you have the chance to relive that period now... But let's take a look at the backstory first that in some ways reminds on the good old Super Mario Brothers. Mario in this case is Meat Boy, your friendly neighborhood meat person. Meat Boy is in love with Bandage Girl. So far so unspectacular. Now if you have a hero there must also be a badguy... in this game its an evil scientist who goes by the name of Doctor Fetus (who also has his own Twitter account). Nobody likes him and he hates the world but he hates Meat Boy the most. So he kidnaps Bandage Girl to torment the hated niceguy...

Which leads us to the game. In every level Dr. Fetus places Bandage Girl so that Meat Boy has to run through a diabolic parcour of evil traps like sawblades and firepits to reach her, only ofcourse to finally see the evil doctor take her away in the last second. You make your way to the exit (=Bandage Girl) by jumping onto walls and sliding a bit, not unlike the hated Walljump in Super Metroid but way easier to control.

While this all sounds very simple it is HARD to do. VERY HARD. You can tell by the difficulty level of this game that it is a reminescence to the old games like Battletoads where every error lead into the heros grave. However, this is a new millenium so we are not totally as helpless as the average NES gamer 1988. Firstoff there are no lives and gameovers for most of the game. Every now and then Super Meat Boy will run into a warpzone consisting of some levels glued together he has to finish. In these he has typically 3 lives which throw him out once he has used them up. Warpzones are infinitely replayable so this is not a big issue... unless you hate doing a level over a multiple of times unless you finally manage to get through, just to see that the next one kills you instantly and you need to start over with the first Warpzone level. But for most of the game there are no game overs, no time to be sad about the poor little guy being cut into pieces by a sawblade for the twohundredfortysecond time... It just resets and you start the level over. Until you did it. Finally. Ofcourse the game has unlockable stuff, characters from other premium Indie games like Bit.Trip Beat or the headcrab from the Half Life games (did I mention you can buy the PC version on Valves digital game distribution service Steam? No? Well now I did.) who have each their own little special abilities like sticking a bit to a wall (the headcrab) or even setting blocks (the minecraft dude). There are even secret levels that can be unlocked... somehow.

The author of this review and the rest of the "Bunch" team are not sure how, but its possible ^_ ~ . So what is on the bottom line? One of the best jump'n run/platform games of 2010 that may not be missed if you are a fan of the old 8 bit classics but also is worth a shot if you like games that challenge your brain, wits and reflexes at the same time. It is sometimes frustratingly hard but there is this sort of magic in the game that lets you continue, I call it the "Just one more level and then I go to bed" effect. Every level lets the player progress gradually due to the fact there is no game over screen or anything that distracts, you can concentrate on finding the right path & timing. Super Meat Boy is one of these games you curse a lot at but never really regret to have bought. If you are a casual gamer who hates games that stress you however it might be a VERY frustrating experience for you. I for myself love the game a lot and I am not really a hardcore gaming person myself. I could go on with this review for a while but I need to go back to that $%&§! level which I have not beat yet, Bandage Girl does not save herself...

Visit Team Meats website Play Meat Boy on as a little appetizer of the general idea Follow Dr. Fetus on Twitter

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