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Poker Night at the Inventory

Category: Game Reviews
Published Date Written by Chris

Don't tell anyone you have been invited! People will be jealous... "The Inventory" is the club of the hour, everyone longs to get entrance to this exclusive club. But not everyone will do, oh no! Only the most distinguished gentlemen gain entrance here... and you now belong to this exclusive circle, for a small payment you need to send to Steam.


Pokernight at the Inventory is - as the title says - a pokergame. But what it divides from all the other serious pokergames that flood the internet on more or less serious sites is that this is a Telltale Games product.

You play against 4 known internet and game celebrities: Max the lovable lagomorph of the Sam & Max series, Strongbad the wrestler (known for his smash rockhit "Trogdor"), The Heavy from Team Fortress 2 and Tycho, courtesy of the Penny Arcade webcomic.

The game you play is Texas Hold'em, if you saw Casino Royale you know this game. Everyone gets 2 cards and has to make the most of them when combining them with the cards on the table. As a total poker and cards n00b I was sceptical about picking up this game but when I finally played it my worries were blown away. The game is fairly easy to pick up and the main attraction is the smacktalk which goes on between your opponents (or should I say "coplayers"?) that is more or less explicit, you can determine if you wish to hear the bad words or if you want them beeped out. There is also the possibility to win stuff, items and decks are waiting for you to unlock them.

My personal verdict as a non cards playing person is that I enjoy the game very much. Even if you do not play well you eventually pick up the game and in the meantime its a lot of fun watching the others smash each others self esteem into pieces. The original voiceactors are doing a great job as always (and Tycho kind of makes you curious on a possible Penny Arcade game that could be made since they went through the effort of making a player character for him).

So if you like poker, Max, The Heavy, Strongbad and/or Tycho then this game is worth the 3.99 € or 4.99 $ Steam charges for it. Sorry but they do not accept pokerchips or clothes.

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