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Portal 2

"It's been a looong time..." Those are not the first words spoken in the game "Portal 2", thanks to Wheatley the blue personality core that we all know since Valve announced Portal 2 in last years E3, no, but those are the first words spoken by Aperture Science' Enrichment Center inhabitant GlaDOS who (which? What is the correct term for an artificial, female intelligence?) got blown to pieces by us, the player, in Portal part 1, followed by the iconic Jonathan Coulton song "Still Alive" which now prooves to be true. GlaDOS indeed is still alive, and she seems pretty insulted because of what we did to her. 

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PixelJunk Shooter


In the distant future humanity is running low on resources. During the mining of a new rich recourse filled planet miners are caught in the deep caverns and it’s now up to you (alone or together with a friend) to find them and rescue them.

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Super Meat Boy

Meat is murder! ...tasty murder... 

This is the sort of humor that awaits both carnivore and vegetarian gamers in Team Meats new game "Super Meat Boy". Based on a flashgame of the same name they did before (that in some ways is similar but in some others totally different) they coded a trip to the past of videogames, when the evil antagonists in games were TRUELY evil and every gamer that saw the last boss truely could feel special.

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Poker Night at the Inventory

Don't tell anyone you have been invited! People will be jealous... "The Inventory" is the club of the hour, everyone longs to get entrance to this exclusive club. But not everyone will do, oh no! Only the most distinguished gentlemen gain entrance here... and you now belong to this exclusive circle, for a small payment you need to send to Steam.

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Fallout 3

The Fallout series has seen 2 games and 2 spinoff games over the years, this “Post Nuclear Role-Playing game” has now been picked up by the guys behind The Elder Scrolls, can it surpass the gems Interplay has created or should this one stay locked inside the vault?

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Minecraft (Alpha)

If you were like me as a child then you loved the thought of adventures... I am not speaking of stuff like traveling alone to school but REAL adventures, we used to find our non-standard ways to school, secret passages filled with monsters, ways no adult would know... or like to go because they were ridden with dogpoop and alcoholics (as the beerbottles could have told us if we were more realistic). But it didn't matter. I was even more fascinated by such stuff, when I was going by subway I always used to ask myself if these tunnels really were just going straight through the city or if there were connections to other tunnels, could you actually go deep down underground here? Would you get lost? Such things. Now there is a game that actually caters for the wish of exploration, its called Minecraft. 

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From DistractionWare a brilliant indie game developer comes his most bizarre and best game yet. A mix of Super Metroid and Portal called VVVVVV (V, spikes, gravity) or however you will call it is a mix of action, expiration, puzzle and platforming.

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Yeah I admit I am a sucker for music games. I love Audiosurf and occasionally (but not so often really) play a round of Stepmania (keyboard only ofcourse). So one tuesday night I take a look on Steam whats new, any good special offers that catch my eye etc as I see a game called Chime... and its only 3.99 €. The trailer looks nice but is the game worth the 4 bucks? I read on... the offer says that 5% of the purchase price go to a good cause (Save the Children/Starlight Children's Foundation) and heh, its only 3.99 so its worth a look for that price.

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Worms Reloaded

What can I say about this game? When it first had its great initial release in 1995 it was included in an Amiga magazine(!) as a demo disk(!!) Yes, those were the days where we actually bought demos. The difference between this demo and any other demo which you played for 10 minutes and then forgot: This disk actually did not leave my diskdrive for an hour or so. Yes there was only one level/battle included and the AI wasn't too sharp but the principle did capture. 15 years and several incarnations later the pink warriors are back with a vengeance: Team 17's newest release is called Worms Reloaded and is an enhanced version of the XBox 360 Worms 2 Armageddon.

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