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New Site - JQStyle Wallpapers

I know I haven't been able to get any updates on. I have a lot of stuff still sitting here needing to be uploaded. Things have just been really crazy for me. I haven't really had a lot of breathing room to get a lot done. I threw together a quick site for wallpapers this morning cause I needed some stress relief. There are only Doctor Who wallpapers on it right now, but I have a bunch of other wallpapers I am going to upload quickly. I'm going to add Jonny Quest wallpapers there too. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well!

Posted by Andrea at 10:20 on 09 January 2014.

4 New PSDs

Posted by Andrea at 23:22 on 11 August 2013.

238 Pictures Added To The Darkest Fathoms Screencaps

This has literally been uploaded for over a month and available to be seen. I just have not had a lot of time on my computer. My boyfriend works on my computer and on his days off I am working on my work computer... And for the next couple of weeks, we have different days off. I was lucky today to get the chance to get on. I cannot express how much joy it brings me to unpdate the site, so I am definitely not just dodging it. I just had to start a new job and it has kept me busy. It was a lot easier when I could just go to college, lol.

Anyway, I have a few hours so I am going to get some work done for you guys! Maybe a new layout? Going to try! :D

Posted by Andrea at 17:07 on 04 May 2013.

Stream Added to Front Page

So I added a viewer to my Twitch Stream. The reason for this is that I can do updates or make JQ graphics/ draw JQ fan art, etc on stream. I am going to give you the heads up that the stream is mainly used for gaming reasons and stuff like that, but this was an idea I came up with and I think I am going to start doing it a lot. I enjoy making JQ stff and I make a lot that does not ever see the site, so it could be fun!

-- Could not stand it there, put it in links on the side.

Posted by Andrea at 12:21 on 25 February 2013.

8 New Wallpapers

Still more waiting for me to get up. >.<

Posted by Andrea at 10:24 on 07 January 2013.

6 New CD covers

So much stuff in need of uploading.. I am so behind!

Posted by Andrea at 10:02 on 07 January 2013.

1 New Screencap group (189 Pics)

A lot more to come <3

Posted by Andrea at 18:38 on 10 December 2012.

1 New Graphic in Exclusives

I have more to upload still... a lot more. :o

Posted by Andrea at 11:14 on 20 November 2012.

6 New Bookmarks added

Sorry about the delayed update. I've been moving for several weeks and haven't had a lot of time to take a break. I still have folders and folders of updates for the site I need to upload.. and pages of emails from JQ fans to respond to. I promise I will get around to all of it while my world settles down! :)

Posted by Andrea at 17:46 on 19 November 2012.

9 New Avatars added

Things are pretty busy for me cause I am starting a new job on top of everything else, but I figured I would try to get some more of these already completed updates uploaded.

Posted by Andrea at 16:38 on 10 September 2012.

Manipulations - Jonny and Jessie - 1 New Added

For you J&Js... >.<

Posted by Andrea at 21:31 on 30 August 2012.

Past Site Backgrounds Updated (1)

And another easy one :D

Posted by Andrea at 21:25 on 30 August 2012.

Past Layouts Added (2)

Another easy one.. :D

Posted by Andrea at 21:18 on 30 August 2012.

Past Updates Added

Easiest first. :)

Posted by Andrea at 21:07 on 30 August 2012.

New Layout and out of hiding!

Hai strangers! Sorry I have been so busy with my life that I haven't given this site the dedication and love that it deserves! T_T

I have so many updates sitting on my computer waiting to be uploaded... And so many more in the process of being worked on! I will work on these, definitely. I hope to get some more up tonight and over the weekend.

I have so many emails waiting in my inbox from some of you lovely people with your fanfics and with your fan art wanting to get online.. Also I have some emails from you guys that are just being sweet.. I promise I will respond to all of you! Don't think I have forgotten you! Life gets in the way of my awesome JQ-universe. I am so sorry! T_T

All of this being said.. Rather than sitting here typing like a dork saying nothing really at all, I will get to getting some work done for the site so that I can make you guys happy!

Before I go, I want to say how sad it is to have heard that Suze's site has been taken down! It was a day of great sadness for us JQ fans!

Posted by Andrea at 20:57 on 30 August 2012.