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Site Information Past Updates Aug 2011-Aug 2012

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Hey guys! I have been super busy with school and everything and have not had time to deal with the site. I am so sorry. I swear I will get around to do more. I have a lot more to uploading cause I have some more stuff I have made in the past and I need to make a new layout, but I swear I will get around to it. Finals are coming up, so after I hope to have at least a bit more time.

Also, I have around a hundred emails people have sent me, I am so sorry.. I will return all of them. I keep meaning to, but like I Said, things have been pretty busy. I am so sorry to keep you guys waiting and I will get all the updates that you have requested.

Also, I will get around to getting on the forum too! I know there are messages there I have not been on to check. I swear, all of this will be done! I am so sorry :(

Posted by Andrea at 00:38 on 03 December 2011.

Goods & Evil Shout Out! :o

I have to give a little should out to a friend's website. He makes some awesome stuff, so do me a favor and go over and show him and his wife some love. They're great people and make some great stuff, so pick up a t-shirt or two [hundred]. :D

I am going to make a little tag and put a permanent link on the left, so you guys can always find it. :)

Just don't ask where to find the detatchable toes or health tanks. You will be sadly disappointed by his response. :P

Oh yeah, and like him on facebook, cause he is giving away a free t-shirt once they get 200 people to like the facebook page. Click Here to go to his FB page.

Posted by Andrea at 12:54 on 11 August 2011.

Past Updates Added

I realized that I forgot to move these over for 2 or 3 layouts... >.>

Posted by Andrea at 12:46 on 11 August 2011.

Layout Change

It only took me way longer than I planed for it to. >.>

Posted by Andrea at 12:44 on 11 August 2011.

OMG She is alive!

Sorry about the little disappearing act... >.>

I have been dealing with a lot of stress and unfortunately the site has taken a back burner, but I am going to make it up to you! Last night while talking to my favorite guy, I actually made the next layout! I will try to get it up today, I still need to screen cap the old layout and get some housework done today. Also I have to do another web design project, but I will definitely get around to doing some work here. I already have the next layout ready to post then I will try to get some other work done for you guys!

Sorry about the horrible delay, I hope you guys are not too mad and I will try to make it up to you! :)

Posted by Andrea at 12:21 on 07 August 2011.