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A Very Quick Update

Hey there! Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I have been so busy! I will say, though, I have been working on things you will see later. ^_^

I am pretty far on the next layout, but I want to do some more for it. I am also working on finishing up the gallery of the Darkest Fathoms for you guys.

Sorry about this quick post, but I need to go to bed.. Another full day of classes tomorrow. I will try to get a larger update for you guys later this week.

Fan Art:
Andrea - Hadji
The Clique:

Posted by Andrea at 23:24 on 22 August 2010.

Some More Galleries For You Guys

Hey, it has been a few days since I last posted a blog.. Sorry about that, I have been so busy. My classes start back up in a few days and between getting ready for that, other busy things and house sitting for a friend, I have hardly had time to breathe. I finally coded the HTML for these galleries though, so here these are for you.

I am over half way done with posting the galleries to "The Darkest Fathoms"! ^_^ I still have to finish 17 more groups up and post them for you all. After that, I will see about uploading a huge RAR for those of you who don't want to download each group individually. Then it is on to E2Q!

Oh, I just realized that I haven't posted the picture I drew for this layout in the "fan art" section, so I will try to get that up tomorrow or something. I have a lot to do today, but I am going to try to get some more updates for you guys to have tomorrow. I will see about making some new wallpapers and graphics and other things like that.

I also really need to get started on drawing up the next layout, but I am not sure what I want it to be of! I am not sure what August feels like to me besides busy, so if you have any ideas, please let me know! I will try to draw up a few sketches today. Maybe use fall colors, I don't know. I am also thinking up ideas for the October layout, because I think that will be a very fun one! Halloween opens up a lot of doors for different ways to dress up the characters.

Okay, I am just blabbing now. Get to your galleries, I will try to have more for you tomorrow!

Picture Galleries:
Screencaps - S1E1 - Race and Jonny Exploring New!
Screencaps - S1E1 - Jessie Questions Dr. Quest New!
Screencaps - S1E1 - Race and Jonny Exploring 2 New!
Screencaps - S1E1 - Jessie Questions Dr. Quest 2 New!
Screencaps - S1E1 - Race and Jonny Exploring 3 New!
Screencaps - S1E1 - Jessie Questions Dr. Quest 3 New!
Screencaps - S1E1 - Race and Jonny Exploring 4 New!
Screencaps - S1E1 - Close-Ups New!
Screencaps - S1E1 - Attacked Above New!
Screencaps - S1E1 - Problems Down Below New!

Posted by Andrea at 08:30 on 15 August 2010.

A few more Galleries

I went a couple days without posting a "blog," I am evil, I know. I have a lot of pictures to make up for it this time, though.

I am also hoping to see graphics and things from you guys, so I hope you guys put these screencaps to good use! I put many many hours through sorting through these pictures so that there are no duplicate poses or anything. Takes a long time! ^^;

Alright, here are your pics! ^_^

Picture Galleries:
Screencaps - S1E1 - Destination globe New!
Screencaps - S1E1 - Boat Placement New!
Screencaps - S1E1 - Getting In New!
Screencaps - S1E1 - Lowering Mini-Sub New!
Screencaps - S1E1 - Getting Out New!
Screencaps - S1E1 - Hadji New!

Posted by Andrea at 04:34 on 07 August 2010.

Just another Quick update...

I wanted to stop by and just post another quick update for you guys. So here is another group of screen caps from The Darkest Fathoms and some other things for ya. ^_^

I have been posting a lot lately, I hope you guys have noticed! Based off of the visit increase, I will assume you have. I am so sorry that last month was a bad month! It seemed like everything that could go wrong last month did.

Oh and I wanna give a huge "Thank You!" to my pal Jess for sharing a JQ-based exerpt out "The Art of Hanna-Barbera: Fifty Years of Creativity". You can read it in Information. Alright, here are some updates for you guys.

The Art of Hanna-Barbera: Fifty Years of Creativity New!
Picture Galleries:
Screencaps - S1E1 - Group 4 New!
Fan Art:
Ashley Guillory New!
Site Info:
Link Me

Posted by Andrea at 03:31 on 04 August 2010.

Screen Caps updated

Hey, this is just a quick update. I deleted the old, low quality caps and will be replacing them with some caps taken directly from the DVDs. I also made it available for you to download the ful RAR sets. That way if you just want to see a few pics, you can see them online, or download them to your own harddrive. I have a lot more pictures to go through, but will post a bit more at a time over the next few weeks. I hope to get The Darkest Fathoms done by the time I get back into school. It takes a good amount of time though. Several hours for each mini-group. Doing all of the episodes is going to take me quite a while. Especially with my schedule. I will do my best, though.

Alright well enjoy what is there, I will add more updates later today. ^_^

Picture Gallery:
Screencaps - S1E1 - Deleted old galleries
Screencaps - S1E1 - 3 New galleries
Screencaps - S1E1 - 3 Grouped RARs available for download.

Posted by Andrea at 03:07 on 03 August 2010.

...a few more updates today. Score!

Hey again! Two posts in 1 day, yay for me! ^_^

I still have a lot more work to do today, but I figured that I had a little list, so I will post it.

Before I get too far, I am not really feeling this layout. I threw it together super fast just to get it up and it just isn't really hitting me right. I haven't decided whether I am going to make a new one or just battle this one out. I may play with some a bit later on. If you have any ideas, please let me know! I wanted to do a "Back To School" theme, but the time just was not there at all.

Okay, I am going to have a special treat for you, but it is going to take several hours, so I need to get started. I will post again later. ^_^

Backgrounds - Reorganized, New Thumbnails
Backgrounds - 5 New
Bookmarks - New Thumbnails
Bookmarks - 1 New
CDs - New Thumbnails
CDs - 2 New
Clocks - 2 New
Graphics - New Thumbnails
Layouts - 5 New
Website Graphics - New Thumbnails
T-Shirts - New Thumbnails
Wallpapers - 1 New

Posted by Andrea at 12:48 on 02 August 2010.

New Layout, ready for more updates.

Hey, I know it has been a loong time since I have had an update! I had a frustrating early month. I was very sick there for a while and then my computer died. Not easy to get stuff done during these issues.

So I had a nice week or so long vacation visiting family and now I am overly exhausted from driving and just trying to get things up for you. I fixed my desktop to last me through September when I buy a new one and will try to make this a good month for you guys.

It may look like very few updates right now, but I promise that there will be a lot more over the next few days. I have so much to post! I am not going to go into any details right now, but you guys should be happy.

Alright, that is enough talking. Enjoy the new layout, there are some updates below, I will post another blog tomorrow with another set of updates.

Entire Site:
New Layout + Category Layouts
Site Info:
Past Layouts
Past Updates
The Clique:
Fan Fiction - Aspen - Pink
Fan Fiction - Aspen - Lifetimes
Fan Art - Andrea
Fan Art - jperry New!

Posted by Andrea at 01:42 on 02 August 2010.