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Information Profiles Jessie Bannon


Name: Jessica Margaret Leya Bannon
Age: 15
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Pale White
Height: 5'3''
Weight: 101 lbs
Parents: Roger "Race" Bannon, Estella Velasquez
Siblings: None
Background: 1/2 Colombian, German, English, etc.

Voice Actors: Jesse Douglas (Season 1), Jennifer Hale (Season 2)

The middle of the three teens, Jessie suffers from no lack of attention, due to being the only female member of the Quest Team. Most people would describe her personality as a blend of those of Jonny and Hadji... She likes to have fun, and oftentimes helps Jonny cajole Hadji into getting involved with some of the brushes they have with danger. At the same time, she is extraordinarily book smart and very talented with computers.

She is fiery, warm-hearted, and has a thirst for knowledge that is willingly tended to by both her mother (an archaeologist) and Dr. Quest. Due to her upbringing, which consisted of globetrotting with BOTH parents, she is fluent in many languages.

Jessie's parents divorced when she was a child, and it is to be assumed that the reason she is not present in CJQ is because she is living with her mother at that point. One can assume that when she is absent from an episode of TRA, that she is visiting Estella on one of her digs.

She has a hard time trusting people; however, when this has been earned, her faith is unshakeable. A bit insecure, Jessie tends to keep her thoughts and ideas to herself most of the time, but when she does voice her opinion, she is not a force to be reckoned with!

Jessie has been trained in different fighting techniques by her father and has few problems in holding her own with the boys. The only time she seems to have any trouble is when her claustrophobia triggers a panic attack.

Out of the three teens, Jessie is the only one willing to use a gun...Not too much of a surprise when you consider her father is an ex-commando. Her mother has proven that she isn't gun-shy either; in Mummies of Malenque, she is welding a rifle--This is one of the rare opportunities to see any of the heroes in the series using a gun.

Although she is usually non-violent, Jessie has no qualms about permanently disposing of anyone that threatens her family. For an example of this, look at what she does to Surd in the episode "Thoughtscape"...She locks him in his own mind--A fate considerably crueler than death!

All in all, Jessie is a valuable asset to the team.

Thanks to jperry for writing this bio