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Information Play-a-Sound

I have to thank Amanda for this! I was going to do this but she had already done it and donated it to JQStyle! Saved me a good hour, thanks! ^^

I am still going to take some scans of it for you guys.

ISBN: 0-7853-1728-7
Publish Date: August 1996
Publisher: Publications International Ltd
Illustrator: Arkadia Illustration and Design
Author: Raul Bloodworth

Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji are playing their
Questworld racing game when they
encounter a virus, a powerful one which
multiplies and then materializes as real life
robots bent on busting up the Questworld
control room before moving onto the
Pentagon, and, perhaps the world.

The Quest Team hurry off to find the origin
of the virus before it's too late.  But who is
behind this sinister plot?  Surd, again?  No.