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Action Figures:
Fun to play with, stare at, or pose. These figures are always a hot buy on ebay.

Ads that have been found in magazines, comics and online.

Bible-Style Notebook:
A really cool notebook, but very hard to find.

To promote the upcoming series, they came out with a series of books. Did you miss them? Well, here is your chance to read them in their entirety.

Character Profiles:
All you could ever want to know about your favorite characters!

Pimp yourself out with JQ t-shirts, hats, underwear, etc.

Compass Magnifier:
Another creative promotional item!

Cover-up at Roswell:
A pretty decent PC game. This will be a big section over time!

Credits from the series. All of the writers, designers, etc. Everything you need to know.

Whenever these were announced, JQ fans everywhere were overjoyed with happiness. At least I know I was.

Episode Guide:
All the episodes of the best and most recent JQ series.

Italian Sticker Album:
This is a great rare find! Has some great pictures inside.

A great accessory to any car key ring.

Mini Action Figures:
Mini figurines of the Quest Team and their enemies.

Motherboard-Style Notebook:
A notebook designed to look like a motherboard with a JQ logo on it.

Phone Card:
Before the show first aired, you could purchase phone cards that I believe brought you to a recording of the Quest team telling you about the upcoming series. Unfortunately I was far too young when the series came out to verify this.

Pizza Hut Promotion Packs:
One pack per character. It came with a little plastic figure, a booklet, and some stickers.

Storybook with sounds.

Porcelain Figures:
They are little porcelain figures of the Quest Team. They're all handmade and not sold in stores. The guy who makes these is very talented.

Portable Arcade Game:
Remember when these were so popular? Oh the days before cell phones and psps... Yeah, I don't remember those days either, but I've heard of them!

Spaghettios Holograms:
Another advertizing giveaway. A free hologram with a can of Spaghettios.

The Art of Hanna-Barbera: Fifty Years of Creativity:
A great exerpt about JQ out of a great bok!

Trading Cards:
Sixty trading cards were put out. I have all of them with many duplicates, so be ready to see these as giveaways!

Valentine's Day Cards:
What more could you want for Valentine's day? Jonny Quest on a piece of paper.

Video Tapes:
Four video tapes with two episodes each, plus two bonus clips advertising Cartoon Cartoons (a set of cartoons on Cartoon Network).

Great little flip topped watches.

What's on Hadji's head?:
A great article about Hadji's turban.