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Information Books

Please Note: All information here is taken directly from the books themselves. These were published by HarperPrism. I am in no way credited for any writings related to the books themselves, I am only putting them on here for your entertainment. These are very hard to find now days, so I am posting them on here so every fan has a fair chance to read them. If you really want to experience the book, you will have to search Ebay or Amazon to find it.
I did change one thing because it drove me insane. I wrote Hadji Singh instead of Bingh. Every book refers to him as Hadji Bingh, it is so frustrating.
They also had a thing for going back and forth between Jonny and Johnny. I kept all of them Jonny.

Book #1: The Demon of the Deep
Book #2: The Forbidden City Of Luxor
Book #3: The Pirates Of Cyber Island
Book #4: Peril In The Peaks
Book #5: Evil Under The Ice
Book #6: The Monsters From Beyond Time
Book #7: Journey Into Q-Space
Book #8: Attack Of The Evil Cyber-God
Book #9: Trouble On Planet Q
Book #10: The Lake Of Terror
Book #11: The War Of The Wizards