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Information Books Book 1

Book #1: The Demon of the Deep
The best-kept secret of the sea--revealed at last!
Written by; Brad Quentin

It's huge, and cold, and slimy. And it's dragging them deeper and deeper into an unknown world far under the South Pacific, where gigantic crustaceans creep through dark chasms and mutant monsters lurk in lightless caverns.
Hadji and Dr. Benton Quest are trapped in the undersea lair of the most vicious predator ever known. It is awaening at last, and heading for the surface to feed--and taking them with it!
Don't miss this new nonstop actuin adventure, as Jonny Quest races against time to rescue the Quest Team from an undersea nightmare!
Taken from the back cover of the book.

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For legal purposes I am going to check with the publishers before posting any farther. Until then, you may buy the book on Amazon if you like!