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Fan Fiction » Rin » Double Back » Introduction

Double Back
By; Rin


I just wanted it to be known before you read the Introduction two very important things:

One: I know how the very beginning reads, but just so you know, I am not a dark emo chick who likes death, trust me. I just wanted to grab your attention. You'll understand when you read.

And two: This is NOT an Alternate Universe of Jonny Quest. Even if it may seem that way at first, it's not, and it'll all make sense in the end if you just keep reading the updates, I promise. The truth will especially start to be revealed around Chapter 6, so stick around until then and you'll get it. *wink*

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll enjoy this story about the love Benton Quest has for his family and the second chances he receives to fight for them...


And...enjoy, my dear readers...



The world is as black as midnight, thought it is only noon in the middle of summertime August. The sun does not shine; it is covered by a thick, black cloud that permits no light to pass. The ocean beats against the cliffs at the base of the Quest Compound, having been washed over the once-beautiful beach — the beach that held so many memories of a brighter, happier time.

The Quest Mansion is as dark as the sky, with not a sliver of light nor sign of life to be seen; it is as bleak and lifeless as the stormy seas that rage below. The garden that once encircled the grand house is dead and broken, its life long lost in the endless cold that surrounds the place.

Up the cracked stone path from the Mansion, to the crumbling Lighthouse that was filled with laughter not so long ago, a bluish light flickers spasmodically through the crack at the bottom of the doorframe. Inside, tables lay overturned, chairs broken, papers covering the floor, metal and technological parts in shattered pieces everywhere, floors and walls with holes and cracks marring them…

Amidst it all lay four bodies.

The sprawled body of Race Bannon lays facedown, the blood from his slit throat soaking the strewn hair of his lifeless daughter, who lies stiffly beside him with terror etched eternally in her once-lovely face.

Hadji Quest-Singh slumps against a fissured wall, his head limply sunken upon his unmoving chest, dark blood dripping from his once-white turban onto his lap.

Jonny Quest sits in a QuestWorld chair, cold and gray as the rest. His horror-stricken face has fallen limply to the side against the torn cushion. His sweat-soaked blonde locks are plastered upon his forehead, his faded blue eyes wide in terror, his mouth open with blood trickling from his lips.

His eyes cold and unfeeling, Dr. Benton Quest steps over the bodies of Race and Jessie Bannon, to the faded wooden door of the Lighthouse. His hands steady and his face set in stone, he turns the knob and pushes open the door to reveal the dark, gray world. Halfway through the doorway, he stops and looks back one last time. His face bears no emotions of either guilt or regret; he only narrows his eyes as he picks up the knife that slaughtered his family from the floor and places it on the table near the door.

Without another look back, he exits the building and closes the door behind him, never to return.


The sun burns brightly over the home of Dr. Benton Quest and his family, for it is the middle of the day in the month of August. The foamy ocean waves crash upon the golden sand, coupled with the lively cries of the seagulls that swoop overhead.

The Mansion seems to almost be alive in itself; the sun glares off the many clear windows, the flowers and bushes and small tropical trees surrounding it blossoming in the sunshine, creating a rainbow of colors.

The Lighthouse stands sturdy and picturesque as ever, also surrounded by a scenic garden of plants. Butterflies and other insects flap and crawl on the leaves and petals, making it a place filled with life.

Little would it seem, then, that a dark obstruction was about to come from inside the reddish brick walls.

The motherboard computer of QuestWorld blinks to life, scattered, indiscernible codes of various numbers and letters jumping across the screen, as if typed by invisible hands. The symbols come faster and faster, becoming too quick to read, blending together in a blur of glowing green neon.

Then, suddenly, it stops, the entire screen alight with the green glow. In the same instant, the squared windows of the QuestWorld wall monitor crack and a wave of electric energy pass over it, building more strength as it progresses.

A split-second later, there is a spark, and a figure materializes into one of the cushioned chairs in the center of the room.

A bewildered, trembling Benton Quest with a blood-blackened rag wrapped around his right upper arm sits up and looks around the room, his breathing labored and his brow furrowed in either frustration or confusion.

Before he can move, the door leading from outside bursts open, and with the sunlight pouring in steps Jonny, Hadji, and Jessie, very much alive and well, their voices raised in playful bickering and care-free laughter.


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