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Fan Fiction » jperry » Tournequet » Prologue

By; jperry


Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to Jonny Quest or Evanescence, but I wish I did. JQ and company are owned by Hanna-Barbara, and the song Tourniquet is owned by Evanescence.

I tried to kill the pain
But only brought more...

Jessie stared bleakly out the bay window. The small girl was huddled in a bench that was built into the frame of the window, a blanket wrapped around the lower half of her body. Her right arm was draped across her torso, a book loosely held in her hand. It was an overcast day…The clouds threatened to release their burden of rain; the cold damp air of autumn seemed to weigh everything down. The tree leaves had shed their festive colors of the season for a dull brown that shared its hue with the grass.

The young woman sighed softly; everything was dying, just like she felt she was.

It was strange how life could be sometimes. Everyone thought she was so lucky. Beautiful, talented, smart…But if all these things were true, then why didn’t Jessie feel that way? She didn’t really feel beautiful, didn’t see the looks that men gave her as she passed by them; or the jealousy other women harbored for her receiving such attention. All she saw when she looked in the mirror was a gawky tomboy staring back at her. She didn’t recognize the exotic features that resulted from her mixed heritage, or the mystical appearance granted by her fiery hair and deep green eyes. Didn’t see how years of physical conditioning had given her a sleek, toned figure.

No, all that Jessie saw was a girl turning eighteen the next day without ever having been on a date. Never mind that any potential boyfriend material either had a well-founded fear of her father, or thought she was simply unobtainable. And the ones her father didn’t manage to scare off were intimidated by her intelligence--There were times when Jessie managed to shock even Doctor Quest with her observations. She seemed to excel at nearly everything she attempted, fueled by a hidden fear of failure that drove her to succeed. She also did her best to suppress any emotions or qualities that could be seen as a weakness.

There had been a few occasions when her defenses had crumbled and she had felt so vulnerable and afraid that she vowed it would never happen again…Especially after the incident in the Verne Research Center. Jessie, Jonny, and Doctor Quest were exploring the facilities located at the bottom of the ocean floor when a seaquake ripped through the area. A hive of carnivorous amphibians were exposed and the creatures descended upon the researchers, devouring the unfortunate within seconds. Separated from Doctor Quest, Jonny and Jessie were left to fend for themselves, sealed in a building thousands of feet below the surface of the ocean while being pursued by creatures with teeth and claws that could shred steel. Jessie’s normally controlled claustrophobia had kicked in and terror overcame her, resulting in a severe panic attack.

If it hadn’t of been for Jonny…

Jessie shook her head and forced herself to stop thinking about the incident. It was only one of the things that she had been ruminating over lately, and what had started out as a minor case of the blues was now spiraling into a deep depression. She had been doing everything in her power not to let it show--After all, that would be another weakness. And her father frowned upon anything that was weak, so Jessie tried even harder to act normal around him.

It was taking its toll on her.

Three days without sleep and very little to eat had left Jessie exhausted; no matter how hard she tried, she simply couldn’t keep food down, and her thoughts kept her up at night. On this particular day, she had finally given up on sleep; instead she had gone downstairs to read sometime around three in the morning. But Jessie’s weary brain betrayed her, and she found herself unable to concentrate, so she was resigned to gazing out the window as her mind replayed past scenarios of her failures.

This was how her father found her when he came downstairs at 7:30.

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