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Fan Fiction

I have not yet uploaded the fictions that were already given permission by the writers at previous times. Although permission was already given, I plan to re-contact these authors and make sure they still would like to be part of this website, but until then if you would like your stuff uploaded please contact me in the provided form (not yet available) or on the Art Forum.

DO NOT modify any fanfics posted here without getting the artist's permission. Whether they are song fics, full long stories or just a mini fic they were done by the writers themselves and the work belongs to them. I will not accept disrespect to these authors as they deserve respect.

If your work is on this website and uploaded to another website please notify me immediatly and I will personally contact the webmaster of that website on your behalf.

Before posting be sure to mark down the genre that your fanfic belongs to so that I can post it properly!

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Update and Publish dates are in DD-MM-YY format.

TRA: JQ Season 3 HeroineX007
Five months after their last adventure, the Quest Team is back in action and they're dealing with much more than they've bargained for this time. While Jonny is wanting to know about who his sister is, the entire gang and their closest allies will team up to take on an apocalypse that is ahead and when all is said and done, not everyone will survive this ultimate apocalypse.
English - Adventure/Episodic - Chapters: 1 - Updated: 08-11-10 - Published: 08-11-10

Tourniquet jperry
The Quest Team deals with depression
English - Angst/Sad Stuff - Mailing List - Chapters: 2 - Updated: 23-06-10 - Published: 13-06-10

Double Back Rin
To begin with, Benton Quest murdered his family in a bloodbath. Then, he finds himself materialized back at the Lighthouse, and all are alive with no memory of ever being harmed. But is everything really what it seems? The story of a father's desperation.
English - AGALAIAHRA - Chapters: 7 - Updated: 21-06-10 - Published: 17-06-10 Complete

Check, Mate Rin
What happens when world-renowned scientific genius Dr. Benton Quest agrees to teach his Texan cowboy bodyguard Race Bannon how to play chess? Nothing good could possibly come out of it for the poor scientist! NOT SLASH Too long to put into Questor Events
English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Updated: 17-06-10 - Published: 17-06-10 Complete

Secrets Rin
His life was perfect. Or so he thought. But when Jonny Quest's entire world is suddenly shattered, he finds himself thrusted into a dark world of painful secrets - of which he is the very center. Can he find a way out of this twisted maze of lies?
English - Alterniverse - Chapters: 2 - Updated: 17-06-10 - Published: 17-06-10

Let it be Me Andrea
A much needed Hadji and Jessie fic.
English - HR - Chapters: 1 - Updated: 10-05-10 - Published: 10-05-10

SAY WHAT?! jperry
Based off of an episode of South Park
English - Humor - Crossover - Vignette - Insanity/AGALAIAHRA - Chapters: 1 - Updated: 10-10-04 - Published: 10-10-04 Complete