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Fan Fiction » HeroineX007 » TRA: JQ Season 3 » 01. Things Will Change

TRA: JQ Season 3
By; HeroineX007

01. Things Will Change

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. They belong to WB studios, Hanna Barbera and other respective owners. This work is fictional and is only for my and others entertainment. Therefore no infringement is intended. I do not intend to make a profit from this work. However I own all characters that have not previously appeared/been mentioned on The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, so I can do whatever I like with them. Therefore any unauthorized usage of these characters is not permitted.

3x01. Things Will Change




We see the daytime view of the Quest Compound in Florida. The camera pans over to the angle where Jonny’s room is located.


Jonny rises up from his bed, and he walks over to the balcony of his room, looking out at the day view of his home.

JESSIE: (O/S) Jonny? Where are you? We don’t wanna be late on our first day of school!

JONNY (looking behind him, sees Jessie): Yep. On my way.

JESSIE: Okay, hurry up.

She turns around and exits the room.

JONNY: Why? The first day hardly matters.

Jonny exits his room stage left.


Jonny enters down the stairs in casual school ware. Hadji sits on the armchair while Jessie and Race sit on the sofa. Jessie stands as Jonny enters.

RACE: Good morning, Jonny.

JONNY: Morning, Race.

JESSIE: Looks like we're both ready for school today, Dad.

JONNY: Yeah, but there's something amiss here.

RACE: What do you mean?

JONNY: Do you guys know that we haven't had any action over the past five months.


JONNY: And we could be unprepared for any situation.

JESSIE: We don't see any unexpected things happening anytime soon, but who knows, we might have another adventure here soon.

RACE: Yeah, she's right, but I'd suggest you'd be careful what you wish for kiddo, cause it just might happen.

JONNY: What makes you say that, Race?

RACE: I'm just thinking that the unexpected is always lurking behind us and we don't even know it.

HADJI: That is good logic, Race.

JESSIE: Yeah, Dad's right. We might have another adventure here soon, but we need to get to school like now.

JONNY: Okay then, let's go.

Jonny and Jessie exit the house stage right. Race and Hadji look at each other briefly before Dr. Quest arrives.

DR. QUEST: Are you guys okay?

RACE: Yes. We’re fine. Jonny and Jessie are on their way to school.

Hadji nods in agreement.

DR. QUEST: That’s good to hear.

RACE: And before they left, Jonny did complain about us not having a lot of action in the past five months.

DR. QUEST: Yes, he is right, but –

HADJI: But what?

There is a moment of silence.

RACE: Doctor?

DR. QUEST: Jonny might just get the adventure that he wants.

HADJI: What makes you say that, Dr. Quest?

DR. QUEST: I...had this dream that this seer appeared to me, informing me of a daughter that I have.

HADJI: Daughter? That's odd. I wonder what it means.

DR. QUEST: The girl that was in the dream looked exactly like my daughter.

Stunned silence.

HADJI: Wait what?

DR. QUEST: The seer came to me in my dream shown me an image of the girl, my daughter, and I was informed that she is closer than any of us can think.

HADJI: Is it physical closeness or mental closeness?

DR. QUEST: It felt more like a mental closeness because I could feel the girl's presence. Then the seer told me I had to tell Jonny about his long lost sister.

HADJI: I see. Are you going to tell him?

DR. QUEST: No. Not yet. I have to keep this from him for right now, but when the time is right I will tell Jonny about his long lost sister.

HADJI: I see.


Jonny and Jessie meet up with each other at the hallways.

JONNY: So, how was first period?

JESSIE: Good. What about you?

JONNY: Fine, but I honestly slept through most of the class.

JESSIE: On the first day?

JONNY: Jess, it's mainly lectures, what do you think?

JESSIE: You signed up for the class, not me.

Jonny sighs roughly.

JONNY: Let's just get to class.

Jonny and Jessie walk over to their next class.

JONNY: So chorus class was good, huh?

JESSIE: Yeah. I don't need to tell you much, do you?

JONNY: [sighs] I guess not.


Jonny and Jessie walk together. Jonny looks and he sees a girl walk into the classroom. She’s tall, lean, pretty blonde hair and blue eyes. The girl sits close to Jonny and Jessie.

JESSIE: So you said you slept through first period?

JONNY: Huh? What? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I did.

JESSIE: [notices the girl] What's her name?


JESSIE: The girl you're staring at.

JONNY: I don't know.

JESSIE: Mm-hmm. Go say hi.

JONNY: Well, um -

JESSIE: Hey Miss Hollowell! My friend here wants to talk to you!

The girl looks at both Jonny and Jessie.

JONNY: [to Jessie] What did I ever do to you?

JESSIE: You’re the one that that wanted to talk to her!

The girl smiles and Jonny looks her in the eye.

GIRL: Hey.

JONNY: Hi. Um, are you new to the school?

GIRL: Yes. I moved here from California after living there for 17 years. Weird, huh?

JONNY: I guess.

Jessie clears her throat. Jonny looks at her briefly and then back at the girl.

JONNY: Oh, I forgot my manners. I – I’m Jonny, Jonny Quest, (gestures towards Jessie) and this is Jessie Bannon.

GIRL: I’m Chloe Sanderson. So you're Jonny Quest? The Jonny Quest? Any relation to Benton Quest?

JONNY: Um, yeah. He's my dad. Why?

CHLOE: My dad talked about your dad time and time again.

JONNY: Really? Cool.

CHLOE: My dad’s close friends with him.

JONNY: That’s interesting.

The bell rings before Jonny before can say anything else. The teacher enters the classroom.

TEACHER: Okay class, quiet down please.

The class quietens down and they take a sit in their respective seats.

TEACHER: Okay, welcome to second period Physics.


We see the view of downtown Tampa, close to Palm Key before seeing Hadji, Dr. Quest and Race walking down the streets.

HADJI: I have this theory Dr. Quest.

DR. QUEST: What is it, Hadji?

HADJI: When someone in a dream tells you that someone is near, the person that is mentioned is usually around the corner, something like that. Did the seer tell you how near the girl was?

DR. QUEST: No. She didn't.

RACE: Don't worry about it right now, Doc. Right now I really like some proof about the dreams you have about this girl.

HADJI: You have never believed in supernatural, have you?

RACE: You've got that right, Hadj.

DR. QUEST: Race is right, Hadji. I shouldn't worry. It's not like anything's gonna happen right this minute.

As if on cue, the trio hears a woman scream. They notice as a woman is running away from a truck. The woman has dark skin, wearing a white gown, pretty, black hair and green eyes.

DR. QUEST: It’s the woman in my dream! The Seer!

The three men chase after the red truck, which is hot on the woman’s trials. Hadji notices that the woman is about to get hit.


Hadji runs to the seer's aid. He gets her out of the truck's way before it can hit the woman. She looks at Hadji. The two scruffy men stop the truck and run out in a hurry, only to be stopped by Dr. Quest and Race.

RACE: And where do you think you're going?

As the four men are fighting, the seer collapses in Hadji's arms. He looks at her.

HADJI: Miss, are you okay?

SEER: Yes. I am.

Hadji watches Race punching and kicking Scruffy Man #1 as he helps Dr. Quest with Scruffy Man #2. Hadji looks down at the seer again.

HADJI: Are you the seer that told Dr. Quest of the daughter that he has?

SEER: Yes. Yes as a vision, I am. I had to tell....him....because....it’s...it’s...

HADJI: It is what?

SEER: The end....is near. This battle.....you are about to.....face...it involves all.....of you...and the other....

HADJI: Other? Other what?

SEER: Other....Quest.

HADJI: Other quest?

SEER: (firmly grasping Hadji’s hand) There....there is......another….Quest in the existing plane.

Hadji becomes taken aback as some strange energy flows within him. He closes his eyes until the flow stops, then Hadji opens his eyes and notices that the seer has vanished.

HADJI: The seer. She is gone.

Dr. Quest and Race are surprised as well as the scruffy men. This gives the men the opportunity to escape, but Race notices.

RACE: Oh no, you don’t!

Race manages to knock down both men and they fall back down to the ground. Hadji stares blankly, looking up wide-eyed.

Then we white out as we see a close up on Hadji’s eyes.

VOICE: One hero will save us all as another quest arrives at the existing plane. This hero will set balance to the force of nature, and to save all of mankind. If it’s not fulfilled like said, the end will come to play and evil will take over the world. All in all, the end is neigh.

As this voice speaks, we see a series of flashes:

     -The Quest Team preparing for action.

     -A young woman looking the opposite direction of us, but we can’t see her face.

     - A demon’s eyes glowing red.

     -An eclipse forming.

     -A seal breaking, unleashing all evil.

     - A large group of demons joining together.

     - A taller demon revealing himself.

     - A portal forming in the middle of the city.

     - An enormous explosion filling up the screen, then we...





Hadji backs up into a wall. Dr. Quest approaches him.

DR. QUEST: Hadji, what is it?

HADJI: All in all, the end is neigh.

DR. QUEST: What are you talking about?

HADJI: Something in my vision.

Red and blue sirens play across both Dr. Quest and Hadji's faces.

SCRUFFY MAN #1: I’m telling you that woman was there! She’s a seer!

COP #1: Uh-huh. Sure.

Hadji, Dr. Quest and Race watch as the cops arrest the two scruffy looking men. Cop #3 stands by the trio.

COP #3: What exactly goes on around here?

At first there is no response from the group.

The cops walk away, leaving Dr. Quest, Race and Hadji looking around.

DR. QUEST: Hadji, what did you mean, it was in your vision?

HADJI: [looking at Dr. Quest and Race] I was told that the end is near, and before the seer vanished in my arms, she told me there is another quest. I do not know whether she meant by another adventure or if it is the daughter the seer told you of.

RACE: Maybe it’s both.

HADJI: Maybe you are right.

DR. QUEST: We’ll find out what’s going on sooner or later.


Jonny and Jessie are riding their bikes home from school. They are both trying to out-speed each other.

JESSIE: So, Jonny!

JONNY: Yeah?

JESSIE: What is it about this Chloe character that you like?

JONNY: What are you talking about?

JESSIE: I know she knows your father, but there’s something more about Chloe that I have to know that you find, rather interesting.

JONNY: Well.....her eye colors....similar to mine, can we leave it at that?

Jessie sighs and rolls her eyes.


Jonny and Jessie arrive at the gates of their compound. They walk to the gateway and Jonny dials several numbers, and the gates open.


Jonny and Jessie arrive at the living room in the Quest Compound.

JESSIE: Dad! Dr. Quest!

JONNY: Hadji! We’re home!

RACE: (O/S) Looking for us?

Jonny and Jessie both turn around to see Dr. Quest, Race and Hadji behind them.

HADJI: We had a run-in with a crook who nearly killed a woman, a –

Dr. Quest steps in front of Hadji.

DR. QUEST: A vision came to Hadji, warning him about the danger ahead.

HADJI: But the woman –

DR. QUEST: Also informed of another quest.

JESSIE: Another quest?

RACE: Must mean –

JONNY: Another adventure?

RACE: Took the words right out of my mouth, kiddo.


VOICE: Dr. Quest, you have someone waiting outside the gate.

The gang enters the house.

DR. QUEST: Reveal the screen, IRIS2.

A screen turns on, revealing a car at the gateway to the Compound. A man in his late 40s, a woman in her early 40s and Chloe are all in the car.

JONNY: Dad, it’s Chloe!

JESSIE: The girl at our school.

MAN: Dr. Quest, we need to talk!

DR. QUEST: It’s Pat Sanderson. I haven’t seen him in 17 years.


Pat, the woman, and Chloe are sitting on the sofa, Jonny and Jessie are standing on the left side of the room and Hadji sits on the arm chair while Race stands next to the right side of the room and Dr. Quest stands in front of the Sandersons.

DR. QUEST: So Pat, we have been partners for a year, I never hear from you in 17 years, then you, Liz and Chloe show up here at our house, what brings you here?

PAT: This may sound weird, but –

JESSIE: But what?

DR. QUEST: You can tell us, Pat.

PAT: Someone’s trying to kill me.

DR. QUEST: What makes you think that?

LIZ: That’s why we went looking for you guys.

CHLOE: That’s also why we moved here from San Francisco. At first we thought you guys were in Maine, but we heard that you moved to Florida too. Talk about location.

JESSIE: That’s quite a story.

JONNY: Yeah, an old foe, Zin to be exact, and blew up our old place in Maine. That's why we moved back to our old compound in Florida.

CHLOE: You lived in Florida before?

JONNY: For awhile. I lived here most of my life, although we traveled around the world time and time again, until I was 13. That’s when we moved to Maine for a couple of years.

PAT: I was under the impression he was dead, isn't he?

HADJI: But his twin daughters are still at large: Melana and Anaya.

CHLOE: Oh dear. I was afraid you were gonna say something like that.

RACE: So, Pat. You’re saying you’ve retreated here to hide from this assassin that’s after you, right?

PAT: Yeah, but I figured that with help from you and the rest of your family, Dr. Quest, we can take down this rogue.

CHLOE: You mean assassin?

CHLOE: I see.

LIZ: Are you gonna help us out against the assassin trying to kill my husband?

Dr. Quest and Race look at each other and stand to a corner, talking over their decision.

RACE: I think we should protect the Sandersons. After all, Pat’s one of your old friends and think about it Doc, would he help you if an assassin was after you?

DR. QUEST: Come to think of it, Pat helped me out when I needed it, although we’ve seen each other for only a year until now.

RACE: Well Doc, what’s the verdict?

Dr. Quest whispers something into Race’s ear. Dr. Quest and Race look at everyone in the room. They are all waiting for answer.

JONNY: Are you gonna help them, Dad?

DR. QUEST: We are going to help you, Pat.

PAT: Thank you, Benton. I am grateful for the help.

JONNY: So does that mean –

DR. QUEST: Yes. Yes it does, Son.

JONNY: Alright! Can I declare it, I wanna declare it!

RACE: Declare what?

We see a close-up on Jonny’s face. He smiles as he seems to be determined, thrilled and ready for action.

JONNY: The Quest Team is back in business!

Jonny, Dr. Quest, Hadji, Race and Jessie all raise out a team high-five.





Jonny, Dr. Quest, Hadji, Pat, Jessie, Pat, Chloe, Liz and Race all walk down town carefully.

JESSIE: So who is the assassin that we're looking for?

PAT: His name is Wilson Davis. He's been wanting to kill me for ten years now.

JONNY: That's a long time.

CHLOE: Not compared to the Quest Feud with the Zin. That's longer you know.

DR. QUEST: You're right. We were in a dispute with the Zin Clanfor over ten years. That's the difference.

JONNY: Obviously.

RACE: This Wilson guy can't be too far from us.

LIZ: You're right. Wilson can track down Pat real easy.

CHLOE: But just because Wilson can do that doesn't mean that he can kill my dad.

We see a close up on Hadji's eye and then we:


A man that we assume is Wilson Davis shoots and kills Pat. He drops dead and Wilson runs as sirens are heard.


Hadji is taken back by the vision.

JONNY: Hadji?

CHLOE: Are you okay?

HADJI: I – we need to get Pat from the alley way.

DR. QUEST: Alley?

PAT: What's going on?

HADJI: I just had a vision. Pat was killed. I think it was Wilson.

Everyone looks around at each other.

PAT: Davis must be nearby.

JONNY: In that case, we better be on the look out.

JESSIE: Good call.


The Quests and the Sandersons arrive close to the alleyway entrance. Jonny looks at Hadji.

JONNY: Is this the alleyway in your vision, Hadj?

HADJI: [examines alleyway] Yes, my friend. I recognize the surroundings.

RACE: And what makes you think Wilson would be here?

The gang hear distant noise.

JESSIE: Would that answer your question, Dad?

RACE: Well...

DR. QUEST: Someone should check the alley way just in case.

RACE: I'll check.

Race walks into the alley. A gun appears behind Race, which the others notice.


RACE: Yes, Ponchita?

JESSIE: Look out!

Race turns around and sees the man we can assume is Wilson holding a gun near Race. Before Wilson can fire, Race kicks the gun out of his hands.

RACE: I had a feeling you would show up.

WILSON: How do you know?

RACE: By my natural instincts.

WILSON: I can take you down with ease!

JONNY (O/S): What about the rest of us?

Wilson sees Jonny, Jessie, Pat, Hadji, Chloe, Liz and Dr. Quest arrive at the alleyway.

WILSON: Well, no matter. I can take you all on.

JONNY: Every single last one of us?

WILSON: Of course!

JONNY: Well then.

We zoom in on the gang until we see a close up on Jonny's face.

JONNY (CONT'D): Bring it on.

WILSON: My pleasure.

Wilson swings the first punch at Jonny. Jonny dodges the attack and kicks Wilson at his right knee. Wilson lands on his knees and punches Jonny in the face. He falls backwards to the ground.

Jessie kicks Wilson in the back, making him land face down. Wilson quickly rises up and prepares to attack her when Jonny leaps to his feet and kicks Wilson, who falls back to the ground.

JESSIE: You okay, hot shot?

JONNY: I'm fine. It'll take a lot more than Wilson to bring me down.

Wilson rises back up and prepares to fight the two, but Race kicks the man back to the ground. Wilson leaps back up and body slams Race to the ground.


She tries running for her dad, but Jonny stops her.

Wilson picks up his gun and prepares to shoot Race with it. Chloe looks up with determination and then she jumps in and kicks Wilson to a wall, sparing Race. Wilson looks up.
WILSON: So you're gonna fight me too, little girl?
CHLOE: What does it look like I'm doing?
Wilson tries his gun again, but Chloe knocks the gun out of his hands and the gun falls to the ground and the bullet lands at the wall across from the group.

RACE: Now what are you gonna do with out your gun?

Angry, Wilson looks at Pat and points his finger at him.

WILSON: This is your fault! I've never been this easily defeated before!

PAT: Well, there's a first time for everything right?

WILSON: Yes, and this is the first time that you will die!

Wilson runs in advance for Pat, but Dr. Quest simply blocks the attack, and punches him hard in the face, almost immediately knocking him out.

CHLOE: Whoa.

JONNY: A little unexpected, but way to go, Dad.

PAT: Benton, you've spared my life. Wilson would've snapped my neck in an instant if it wasn't for you and your team.

JONNY: It's what we do, we help the defenseless.

JESSIE: Chloe, how did you learn that kick which saved my dad?

CHLOE: I had years of experience.

JONNY: So do I.

The gang look down to see that Wilson has just regained consciousness.

LIZ: He's coming to guys.

JONNY: Well, it looks like we have more fighting to do.

Wilson leaps up to his feet and picks up his gun, preparing to shoot.

COP #1 (O/S): Freeze Police!

JONNY: Or not.

Everyone turns around and they see three cops that we seen earlier in this episode arrive, fully armed at the alleyway.

COP #2: Freeze police!

CHLOE: It looks like the Calvary has arrived.

RACE: Looking for a Wilson Davis? Well, we have him right here.

Race points at Wilson, and he looks furious and terrified at the same time.

COP #1: Thank you, Mr. Bannon. [to other cops] Take him away.

Cops 2 & 3 arrest Wilson. Wilson looks at Pat.

WILSON: The war is never over, Sanderson. I will be back for you one day. Count on it!

COP #1: Thank you guys for helping us track down the insane Wilson Davis. How did you guys know he'd be in this spot?

PAT: Wilson always knows where I'm at. No matter what.

DR. QUEST: How long have you been on the hunt for Wilson?

COP #1: He's been America's Most Wanted for almost ten years now. So all cops around the United States has bound to know him and the AMW Headquarters will be pleased to know that we've finally caught him.

HADJI: That is always good to hear.

COP #1: Do you guys need a lift back?

PAT/DR. QUEST (in unison) No sir.

DR. QUEST: We'll take it from here.

COP #1: Okay then.

Cop #1 exits the alleyway stage left.


The Quest Team and the Sandersons are preparing to go their separate ways.

JONNY: That was an interesting adventure we had tonight.

JESSIE: The first in almost six months for us.

LIZ: Well, that's awhile isn't it?

Jonny nods.

PAT: I want to thank Hadji for helping us locate Wilson. If it wasn't for the vision he had, I would've been dead by now.

RACE: And Hadji started having these “visions” since earlier today.

CHLOE: Well, it's great to see you guys. Bye Jonny. Bye Jessie. I'll see you two tomorrow at school.

JONNY: Same here.

JESSIE: See you tomorrow.

The Sandersons wave good bye before exiting stage right. The Quest Team watches as the Sandersons' car drives away.

DR. QUEST: It's the first time in 17 years since Pat and I've seen each other, and I've enjoyed it.

RACE: I'm glad you did, Doc.

HADJI: Do you think that we will see them anytime soon?

JONNY: The Sandersons?

HADJI: Yeah.

DR. QUEST: Maybe we will.

JONNY: Or maybe we'll never see them again unless you count Chloe in school.

The gang all walk into the Quest Compound.

JESSIE: Never say never cause you'll never know until you find out.

JONNY: That's real logic to live by.




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