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Fan Fiction Categories

Thanks to Quest Enterprises for the definitions :)

A (Angst), E (Adventure), H (Humor), HR (Romance), X (Crossover), and M (Music) are the six primary catagories.

The other categories - V (Vignette), F (Future), P (Past), ALT (Alterniverse), NF (Not a Fic), 2K (JQ 2000), ML (Mailing List), and I (Insanity) are more descriptive than anything else. These help clarify exactly what form the story is in, what time period, and some of the characters.

Angst/Sad Stuff

Any story that includes major heartache or sad storylines.


Stories that are action-adventure based and/or close to what you would see in the actual TV series.


Any story that is primarily written for humerous effect.

Romance (amongst any characters)

Stories that include romantic liasons amongst any characters. The parties involved in the romantic relationships are (usually) denoted. For example, a story involving a romance between Jessie Bannon and Jonny Quest will be noted as JB/JQ HR (or vice versa).

Crossover (involves characters from other TV shows, movies, books, etc.)

Any story that includes characters from another TV series, movies, books, etc.

Music (music fics, music videos, filk, etc.)

Any fic that uses a song as a major story device, including music videos, music fics (which are actual stories centered around songs), etc.

Vignette (just a scene or two, not an entire story)

This is kind of a strange category. Usually, it's used to show length - any fic that is not a complete story, just a scene or two, I consider to be a vignette.

Takes place in the future (3+ years in the future)

Any story that takes place about 3+ years in the future (where Jonny is either 18+, or it is indicated by the author that this is "in the future"). The idea is that it isn't something happening during the current (as far as the TV show goes) timeline, but it's fairly flexible.

Takes place in the past (before the start of the current series)

On the other side of the coin, there are the stories that take place in the past. I consider anything that takes place prior to the start of the series (Jonny is less than 15, they're kids, etc.) to be a "past" fic.

Alterniverse (involved JQ characters, but in a different way or uses recurring characters that are not part of the series)

This is a funky catagory. This one includes any story that uses regular JQ characters, but not in the usual way, or includes main characters that aren't part of the regular show. I'm not talking about one-shot wonders, girlfriends, etc. I mean recurring characters, like the JQ 2000 crew, or major characters that have nothing to do with the "real" JQ - like we introduce Jessie's "real" mother, Mrs. X. That would be an alterniverse. Alternate realities can also fall under this category... these are stories with themes centering in "what if" plots. For example: What if Hadji was never adopted? What if Race or Benton re-married? What if Race really IS a transexual Rachel? What if the JQ Cast is an all-girls, instead of an all-boys club?

Not Fanfic (anything other than fanfic - music videos, poems, etc.)

This includes everything that isn't an actual story - poems, quizes, games, etc.

JQ 2000 (involves characters from the JQ 2000 series by Alexis Ericta)

Any story (or music video, for that matter) that includes characters from the JQ 2000 series (let's see if I can remember them all - Mishelle Jenks, Travis Crenshaw, Bryce Crenshaw, Tai-Lee Natsume, and Claudette Monchier).

Mailing List (involves real-life people, usually from JQ:TRA ML, but may be other real people)

Any story which features real-life people - usually members of the Questors or Maison-Otaku MLs, but it could be any real person.


Any story which is, well, completely nuts. Usually humorous, an Insanity fic is totally unpredictable, anything can happen (and usually does), and often doesn't have any plot whatsoever. Also includes "AGALAIAHRA" fics - Anything Goes As Long As It Ain't HR or Angst.