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Fan Art

I have not yet uploaded the pictures that were already given permission by the artists at previous times. Although permission was already given, I plan to re-contact these artists and make sure they still would like to be part of this website, but until then if you would like your stuff uploaded please contact me in the provided form (not yet available) or on the Art Forum.

DO NOT download, modify, or do anything with these fan arts without getting the artists permission. Whether they are vectors, vexels, sketches, inkings, paintings, comics, etc they were done by the artists themselves and the work belongs to them. I will not accept disrespect to these artists as they deserve respect.

If your work is on this website and uploaded to another website please notify me immediatly and I will personally contact the webmaster of that website on your behalf.

Andrea (Web Mistress of JQStyle):
Yes sir and madams, it is I! Mostly old stuff, but it's something to look at if you get bored. ^^

I loove her!! :D One of my favorite JQ fans in the whole world and one of my favorite JQ artists!

Shannon Manor:
Such a great artist! I found her a good while back on deviantART.

Vierna Drottingu:
Another great artist that I found on deviantART! Such a beautiful name too!

BrentMcKee :
A very talented artist that can be seen on deviantART!

John Reynolds:
Another very talented guy that I found on deviantART! So much talent there!

Aaand another talented guy that can be seen on deviantART! One of my favorite interpretations of Jessie!

One of the artists from the original JQStyle! After checking these out, check out her deviantART.

She also goes by the name Fowl. You can see some of her other great work at deviantART!

Such a talented artist! I am so lucky to be able to have a piece of his on here! Check him out on deviantART.

He is a great member of our lovely forum and a great artist! He has some great JQ work and some great work on deviantART so check him out!

What a fantastic girl! She has always been a big part of the JQ community and has some great artwork!

Such a nice and talented guy! I found him on deviantART. He also wanted me to tell you about his webcomic, check it out here: *click*

Danuta Opheij:
Here is another amazingly talented artist that I found on deviantART. She has some other amazing work, so seriously check her out!

Another great talent I found on deviantART. I love her style!

Monique Jones:
This amazing talent was also found on deviantART. I love her Hadji!

Ashley Guillory:
Yet another talented artist found on deviantART!

One of my favorite artists from deviantART!