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Fan Art Brutus

Artist: Brutus
Model or Inspiration: None
Tools: pencil and paper
Date Created: Sept 30, 2008
License: Berne Convention
Notes: Coppied straight from DevArt:
Phew! Yet another drawing tonite.
Unlike the last one, this took over an hour to do. Found a new eraser, so that helps, and the size of this one was much bigger then the last one, so its a lil more cleaner. Downside, the heads are kinda bigger....

Anywho, this is a cute picture, it really is. Some of my favorite work is couples pictures. I like the interaction between people with feelings for each other. Drawing those, however, always seems like a bitch, most the time. HOwever....most of the couples work I have posted up here, I have been happy with. Maybe I just channel my own feelings into the work, who knows?

In any case, pictured here is MY FAVORITE paring. THis beats out NaruHina, Inuyasha/Kagome, Kei/Belldandy, this beats them ALL. The Jonny/Jessie paring was the first my lil heart ever went and said "Those two need tto be toghter" and its been the one I' ve always liked the most. So to get around to actually drawing it? Yeah, I' m riding Cloud Nine right about now. (if you' re lucky...I just may write out a back story to this one)

Detail wise, unlike the other art of the night, I used no ref pics. This was all in my head.

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