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Fan Art Brutus

Artist: Brutus
Model or Inspiration: A picture of couple dancing, don't have the link any more, "Dance Dance" by Great Big Sea
Tools: Paper and Pencil
Date Created: 4-13-09
License: Berne Convention
Notes: That one week in college was kind of a JQ Art Bonanza for me. After my Jessie Bannon picture, I wanted to try something hard, and went straight into this picture. Dancing is a very hard thing to draw, and a year after drawing this, I'm probably not all that much better at it (Drawing Dancing, not actually Dancing. I'm a pretty decent swing dancer ). Anywho, this was stuck in my head the entire time I was drawing this

Dance, Dance with me one more time,
one more time
Dance, Dance with me one more time
Before the band is done
Before your Daddy comes
Dance, Dance with me one more time

Now, before anyone says anything, while this technically took longer then my last drawing, its a quick sketch. I know that there is so much wrong with this picture that its not even funny. But meh, it was after midnight when I started this, I can cut myself some slack. (tips still welcome tho)

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