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Fan Art Brutus

Artist: Brutus
Model or Inspiration: None
Tools: pen and paper and colored pencil
Date Created: Sept 29,2008
License: Berne Convention
Notes: From DevArt

Wow...yano, sometimes I amaze even myself.

I saw it was only around like, 10:40 or some such thing when I uploaded this pic [link] and I was bored. So I bummed around on forums for a bit and well....before I knew it i was like "so...you've got basically 2 tests tomorrow. You should study. But, between you and me James, you KNOW what you want to do...." and that lil bastard voice inside my head got me to pick up another piece of paper, bum around on google for a bit, get some ref pics, and boom about 50 minutes later...I'm uploading another drawing....

I go from nothing in nigh on 6 months, to 2 in one night! Man...I dunno what I'm gonna do at this rate ^^:

I'm fairly satisfied with the color set up. Really happy with the sweater, since in the show, Jessie often wore a green shirt that was a paler shade of her eyes (which I think I manged quite well in this one). The skirt...not so sure I like it, but eh *shrugs* its all good.

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